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About the Colosseum Entry Ticket

This Colosseum entry ticket gives you the time and space to explore the heart of ancient Rome. The ticket includes visits to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Buy Colosseum tickets, save yourself hours of waiting, skip the line, and enjoy your visit to one of the greatest battlefields in the world!


Explore the Colosseum and experience this magnificent structure at your own pace. It is the world’s biggest amphitheater, or round theater, and is about the height of a 12-story modern building. The arena could fit a whole football pitch!


No need to wait in lines and lose hours of your vacation time! Simply skip the line and enjoy your visit to this monument.


Yes, the so-called Naumachia, or mock naval battles, did take place in the Colosseum. The amphitheater would be flooded with water from the river Tiber. Craftsmen would build special ships designed to navigate the shallow water.


The Roman genius for engineering was put to work in building the Colosseum. It had a shading system to protect spectators from the scorching sun. The underground tunnels housed animals and gladiators, who would then pop up on the arena floor using trap doors.


Alongside exploring the Colosseum, your journey takes you further into ancient Rome. The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are included in this entry ticket!

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Skip-the-line Colosseum tickets that we booked online saved us from hours of waiting. Unlike the crowds who had to stand in line in front of the ticket offices, we simply went straight ahead and began our exploration of the Colosseum. Access to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is also included in this ticket, so it is definitely worth booking!


Beauty of Colosseum left me speechless

Visiting the Colosseum for the first time, I was amazed by its timeless beauty! The highlight was the arena floor, for sure. I could almost imagine myself being one of the gladiators, set to fight in front of the cheering crowds. A must-visit site when in Rome!



Colosseum Entry Ticket


This Colosseum entry ticket allows you to skip the line and go exploring as soon as possible! Once you get in, you have an entire day to stroll along the center of the Eternal City.


Nearly 2,000 years old and still standing, the Colosseum is proof of Roman engineering skill. A vast monument built from marble, stone, bricks, and mortar still binds it all.


In the center of the Colosseum is the arena floor, the very place where gladiators fought one another to the death! But was it always so? Did all their fights end with one of them dying?


Besides the Colosseum, you will visit the Roman Forum, which was the beating heart of this vast empire. Also included in this ticket is access to the Palatine Hill, so why don't you climb it and take in a view worthy of an emperor? Additionally, you can go on a city walking tour with an English-speaking guide and see other important sites in Rome.

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Colosseum Priority Ticket

The Colosseum after the fall of Rome

As the Western Roman Empire began to crumble, the Colosseum itself slowly deteriorated. Although it was still in use, it underwent radical changes. The arena area became a cemetery, and a small chapel was built there in the 6th century. The area beneath the arcades was converted into workshops and housing. The building itself served as a quarry, with marble and stone used as building materials during the Middle Ages. By the 13th century, a part of the Colosseum had even become a fortified castle!

It was not until the late 18th century that the Popes started to pay attention to the site, thus ending the devastation. Today, it remains one of the most iconic buildings of the ancient era and attracts millions of tourists.

Good to know before you go

  • Valid ID for adults and children is required.
  • You will be able to collect your tickets at the Touristation Office by showing them on your smartphone.
  • Families with children will be accompanied to the entrance of the Roman Forum.
  • Disabled visitors and their carer can enter for free with a certification of disability.
  • To make your visit as pleasant as possible, wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • The great thing about this ticket is that it also includes access to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
  • We suggest you buy Colosseum tickets in advance since they are selling out fast!
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Meeting point

The meeting point is at the Touristation office at 16 Piazza d’Aracoeli, 00186, Rome. You can spot it by a small fountain in front of the office. There are also signs and an orange flag. Please keep in mind that the Touristation office is not near the entrance to the Colosseum, but close to Piazza Venezia.

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FAQ - Colosseum Priority Entry Ticket

Are the tickets for the Colosseum sold out quickly?

Since the Colosseum is one of the most famous historical sites in the world, as you can imagine, the tickets get sold out fast. That’s why we recommend buying the tickets in advance. The quick and easy online booking process will save you time and get you exclusive skip-the-line access to the Colosseum!

Which sites can I visit with this Colosseum Entry Ticket?

Apart from access to the Colosseum, you also get to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. So, three of the most significant Roman monuments for the price of one ticket! This ticket also includes a city walking tour in English that takes you to other major sites.

Are there restrooms available at the Colosseum?

Have no fear, there are restrooms within the Colosseum. As soon as you enter, to the left of the ticket booths, you will see the toilets. Inside the Roman Forum you will find toilets in several areas. Look for the "WC" signs. At Palatine Hill, the toilets are located right when you enter on Via di San Gregorio, on the left, and again at several places on the top: one near the Palatine Museum, another near the Farnese Rose Gardens, and another next to Domitian's Hippodrome.

What is the recommended time frame for the entire Colosseum visit?

If you want to explore the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill in detail, we suggest devoting 3 to 4 hours. If, however, you plan for a shorter stay, focus on the arena floor. After all, this was the place where gladiators used to fight. Also, be sure to check out the third floor of the Colosseum, as it offers the best view of the entire amphitheater.

Can I reach the Colosseum using public transportation?

Public transportation options are nearby, and you can easily reach the Colosseum entry point by metro, tram, or bus. The Colosseum has its own bus stop at Piazza del Colosseo, right in front of the entrance. Lines 38 and 75 depart from the northern regions of Rome. From the south, take buses 175 and 271. Getting to the Colosseum by metro is also simple; just take metro line B and get off at the 'Colosseo' stop. The tram line that takes you to the Colosseum is tram line number 3.

Can I book a guided tour of the Colosseum?

If you want to gain a deeper insight into the intriguing history of the Colosseum, we highly recommend booking the Colosseum Guided Tour. This way, you will understand why this site is considered one of the World's Wonders and learn more about the events that took place here. If you would like to see the chambers where wild animals and gladiators were held before the battles, we suggest booking the Colosseum Underground Tour. For those who want to experience the Colosseum from a different perspective and enjoy its mystique vibe, the night tour is a must-do!

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