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About Roma Pass Ticket

Buy the Roma Pass and visit the best and most popular attractions of the Eternal city in only one day! With this incredible offer, you'll get everything that you want to explore the highlights of Rome. Decide on the order in which you want to visit each of the attractions included in the Roma Pass. Imagine the gladiators inside the Roman Colosseum and the political discussions at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Learn something new about the Pantheon. By purchasing Roma Pass, you will have an opportunity to ride for free with the city’s public transportation.

  • Entrance to the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Free audio guide of Rome

  • Free Wi-Fi at the meeting point

  • 25-minute Ancient Rome multimedia video at the tourist station office FORO ROMANO

  • Navona Underground
  • Guided Tours
  • Visit to the Vatican City 
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Roma Pass Description

Purchase your Roma Pass and enjoy the sightseeing of Rome's most famous and most visited attractions. Explore the highlights of Rome while listening to an in-depth Roma Pass Audio Guide. On top of that, collect a 10% discount for your next visit to a nearby attraction. Visit the Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum: Step inside of the Colosseum and experience Ancient Rome during your self-guided tour of this impressive monument. A visit to the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum is also included in the Roma Pass. Experience the past coming to life while listening to the audio guide and strolling around the most famous attractions from the ancient world. Stroll down the main street of Ancient Rome called Via Sacra and discover the secrets of the Roman Empire. Self-Guided Tour of the Pantheon: This legendary ancient roman site is free to access. Still, with the Roma Pass, you can explore it while listening to an audio guide. Find out little-known stories and historical facts about the Pantheon converted in 609 AD into a Catholic church. Roma Pass Audio Guide Extras: Included in the purchase of Roma Pass is an excellent audio guide for each attraction included in the ticket. Get sucked into the history of Rome and its most famous and most visited sites. In addition to that, there is also featured in-depth commentary for over 130 of Rome's hotspots. Free public transportation: Use your unlimited public transport card to explore the city. What's included:

Roma Pass Meeting point

Instructions for Roma Pass Card  
  • Show valid ID and a smartphone voucher to get your Roma Pass card at the Tourist Info Point
Instructions for Colosseum ticket  
  • On the day of your visit, reserve your admission time and get your paper ticket in the ticket office on the Colosseum Square

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Highlights - SAVE UP TO 35%

Roman Forum

Learn about the ancient Rome while exploring Roman Forum.


Explore Rome's most famous ancient attraction - the Colosseum, with bonus entry to the Palatine Hill

Skip the line

Enjoy sightseeing the iconic landmarks of Rome by skipping the long lines

Audio guide

Audio guide to the city of Rome included in Roma Pass

Roma Pass - Everything you need to know

There are countless options out there when it comes to choosing the right tickets for Rome attractions. That’s why we have hand-picked the best Rome ticket offer for you, and that is Roma Pass! Read all the following information and learn everything you need to know about this ticket. 

What is Roma Pass?

Roma Pass is a tourist card which gives you a priority entrance to the main city attractions and unlimited use of public transport in Rome.

How does Roma Pass work?

1. Choose your visit date!

Decide when you want to visit and how many tickets you’ll need

2. Complete the payment in a secure way

Complete your payment process with our easy and secure booking process

3. Get your tickets!

Receive your tickets via email – follow the ticket instructions and enjoy your visit to Rome!

4. Save Money -Up to 35% if you book everything separately

Where can you buy Roma Pass?

We highly recommend buying your Roma Day Pass online. By doing that, you will save up to 35% and get a priority entrance to the attractions of your choice. Cards purchased online are easy to collect at any of Rome’s tourist infopoints. To avoid unnecessary complications, please check the availability of the attractions that you wish to visit.

Why is Roma Pass the best option?

It can be hard to choose the best tickets when visiting Rome. There are different ticket options available, which can easily lead to confusion. Two Rome city passes you will most likely come across are the Roma Pass and the Omnia Card. But which one is better?

The Omnia Card gives you free entrance to two of Rome’s attractions and free public transport. The Roma Pass is almost the same thing, but it is a much cheaper option that gives you a priority entrance to Rome’s main attractions. Also, by purchasing Roma Pass Card online, you will save up to 35% of your money! That’s why we highly recommend choosing the Roma Pass option.

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FAQ - Roma Pass

What does a Roma Pass include?

Roma Pass holders have many benefits, including Rome's public transportation system and skip-the-line tickets to all of the most popular attractions.

  • Free admission to one or two museums or archaeological sites of your choice (this depends on the duration of your card)
  • Free admissions for the exhibitions held in the museum(s)
  • Reduced ticket price for all archaeological sites and museums you visit after that.
  • Free ticket for city's public transport network: city trains and buses, metro system underground lines A, B, B1, C; railway lines Roma-Lido, Roma Flaminio Piazza del Popolo-Viterbo, Roma-Giardinetti), within the territory of the Municipality of Rome.
  • Admission Discounts for events and exhibitions
  • Augmented reality Map of Rome
  • Booking fees
  • Free QR code so you can send a photo postcard of Rome.

How much does a Roma Pass cost?

Roma Pass cards vary in price depending on the duration you book your Roma Pass for. You can buy a Roma Pass for 24, 48, or 72 hours. The cost of the Roma Pass is around 33 €. Visiting Rome with a Rome Pass Card is the best way to do it! You can visit the national museum, avoid long ticket lines at the entrances of all the major attractions and have access to public transport. All in all, this combo pass is the way to go if you visit Rome. If you want to visit Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, or St. Peters Basilica, we recommend booking a Vatican Pass. Buy Vatican Pass online!

Should I buy a pass for Rome?

You should buy a Roma Pass ticket if you want to visit Rome in the best way. Roma pass holders gain many benefits, including free entry to Colosseum, Capitoline Museums, Borghese Gallery, and much more. With all that, Roma Pass also includes skip-the-line access. Buy your Roma Pass online right away and save money while exploring the Eternal City!

Good to know before you go

Ticket delivery

Instant ticket delivery via email and SMS


Show tickets on your smartphone


Cancellations are not possible for this ticket


The card is valid for 2 or 3 days (depending on the pass you choose)


The card is activated on your first entry to the museums/sites and/or at the first journey on public transport, up until midnight of the second or third day, including the day of the activation


Changes are possible for this ticket

The ultimate experience with Roma Pass

Overall rating: 4.7/5
"Very convenient, easy booking and pre-reservation, almost no cues, free public transport."

Enchanting Ancient Archaeological Sites

"Very useful to have in Rome when traveling as a tourist since most of the top attractions are accessible by metro!"

Save Money with Roma Pass

"The Roma Pass is worth getting even if the price of the museum tickets and the bus tickets don't add up, because it gives you the ability to skip the line at places like the Colosseum!"

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Ticket delivery

Instant ticket delivery


Smartphone tickets accepted

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Vatican Tourist Card

Vatican Tourist Card

A visit to Vatican City is something you can't miss during your stay in Rome. And the best way to explore the Vatican with the best value for your money is by purchasing the Vatican Tourist Card.

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Colosseum ticket
Skip The Line Ticket

Colosseum Priority Skip The Line Ticket

Step inside the Colosseum, and visit the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum through the fast-track entrance with a combined priority ticket package.


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