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About Colosseum Underground Tour

Take the Colosseum Underground Tour and enter the underground of the largest Roman amphitheater. Enjoy a small group with an expert guide and special access to the arena floor and the underground area - not possible for standard ticket holders!


Visit the underground area, a network of tunnels that lies beneath the arena. Discover hidden chambers, trap doors, and cages used for holding exotic animals.


Walk in the footsteps of gladiators. This is the place where they prepared themselves for the fight, not knowing if they'd live or die.


With its 2000 years of history, the Colosseum witnessed a lot of interesting events. Our expert guides will gladly share with you stories of this ancient arena.


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Amazing Underground Tour!

I’m a construction engineer by vocation and a bit of a history nerd in my free time, so visiting the Colosseum was a dream come true. Imagining the lives of gladiators, their discipline, and the hardships they had to face left a lasting impression on me. Our group was small, and we were able to enjoy this tour without the noisy crowds. It was well worth the price! Our guide, Bruno, was great, patiently answering all of our questions. The underground tour lasted a couple of hours but felt like five minutes. After the tour, we were free to continue exploring the ancient Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.


Unique Experience of the Colosseum

My husband and I wanted something special for our anniversary, so we treated ourselves to an exclusive tour of the Colosseum and its underground area. Walking through the tunnels underneath the arena floor was a memorable experience. Also, it was a break from the heat and the scorching August sun! We had our own private guide, Francesca, who shared her vast knowledge of the Colosseum and its amazing history. It was everything we hoped it would be and remains a highlight of our Roman vacation!



Colosseum Underground Tour

Enter the Colosseum and begin your journey into the history of this ancient city!


On this tour, you will hear many interesting stories from your expert guide. For example, did you know that in Roman times, the Colosseum was known as the Flavian Amphitheatre? The founder of the Flavian dynasty and the man who ordered the construction of the Colosseum was Emperor Vespasian. When it was finished in 80 CE, there was no opening ceremony as such, but a marathon of events that lasted 100 days! Apart from gladiatorial combat, it also included wild animal hunts, fights between different animal species, executions of criminals, and even recreations of naval battles. The Romans were among the best engineers and builders of the ancient world. In spite of many earthquakes, fires, floods, and centuries of war, most parts of the Colosseum are still largely intact. Mainly consisting of stone, marble, and bricks, the materials were bound with concrete that still holds the monument together – almost 2,000 years after its completion!


After visiting the Colosseum, this tour takes you to the underground area. There you will discover tunnels, chambers that used to hold exotic animals, a gladiator's waiting room, and much more.


You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the visit to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill - all included in the price of the tour! So, if you're ready to explore, book The Colosseum Underground Tour and get your skip-the-line tickets now!

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Colosseum Underground Tour

Social Status of Gladiators

It is true that most gladiators were slaves and criminals. Their lives were hard and filled with strict discipline and danger. Not only that, the Romans looked down on them since they belonged to the lowest class of society. But there was an interesting twist. Those same Romans greatly admired their combat skills and treated some of them like celebrities. If they survived long enough, gladiators could earn quite a bit of money, and some were incredibly rich!

In later centuries, becoming a gladiator started to appeal to free born citizens. Some were in debt and wanted the prize money, others simply viewed it as a chance to show off their combat skills and impress the crowds. Even some upper-class men, like senators and patricians, tried their luck in the arena.

The most bizarre case was emperor Commodus, who loved to dress as a gladiator and perform in the Colosseum. As expected, he would always win, but many Romans viewed this as a scandal and a disgrace. It is believed this led to a conspiracy that resulted in his assassination in 192 CE. He is depicted in the 2002 Ridley Scott film „The Gladiator.“

Good to know before the Colosseum Underground Tour

  • A knowledgeable English-speaking guide is included in this tour.
  • We highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes.
  • If visiting the Colosseum during summer months or hot weather, we recommend you bring enough water.
  • Access to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is included in this Colosseum Underground tour.
  • Keep in mind that entrance is strictly limited. You must arrive early as anyone who arrives after their time slot cannot be accommodated.
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Meeting Point

Meet your guide at the ticket office at the address: Via Del Colosseo 24. Please arrive 30 minutes before the tour starts. The office is above the second floor of the metro station, just around the corner from caffe Roma.

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FAQ – Colosseum Underground Tour

What's so special about the Colosseum Underground Tour?

Underground areas that you will see during this tour are typically off-limits to regular ticket-holders. This includes tunnels and hidden chambers, the gladiator's waiting room and the arena floor. It makes the Colosseum Underground Tour an exclusive experience.

What other attractions are included in this Colosseum Underground tour?

Apart from the visit to the Colosseum's underground, this ticket includes access to the Roman Forum as well as Palatine Hill. Combining all three archeological sites into an unforgettable tour, we want you to have a comprehensive view of ancient Rome and its grandeur.

Is there much walking during the Colosseum Underground tour?

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, but the tour itself is not exhausting. Generally, the pace is relaxed, which allows you to feel the ambience of the place and appreciate its architecture.

What is the best time for my visit to the Colosseum Underground?

If you want to avoid the crowds and fully enjoy exploring this historic monument, early mornings or late afternoons are ideal. During those intervals, there are fewer tourists, which mean more opportunities for amazing photos and a chance to soak up the atmosphere.

Are there available restrooms in the Colosseum?

Don't worry, the restroom facilities are available and easily located at the Colosseum.

While in Rome, what else can I do?

When visiting Rome, there are plenty of activities to do. For instance, you can easily see the entire city by scheduling the Ultimate Vespa Rome Tour. A Borghese Gallery ticket will allow you to view stunning collections of Renaissance and Baroque art. Additionally, we advise you to reserve the Colosseum and Vatican Tour if you want to see the magnificent Vatican Museums and the famous Sistine Chapel.

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