villa d este and hadrian s villa tivoli

Best Day Trips From Rome 2024

Make the most out of your trip to Rome and explore other cities in Italy by going on one of the best day trips from Rome we have hand-picked just for you. There are so many beautiful and breathtaking cities and places to visit around Italy. And maybe going on a full-day tour to a location near Rome is the perfect way to start exploring the rest of this beautiful country.

Top 7 Day Trips From Rome

If you’re looking for a perfect day tour from Rome, you’re in luck! We have found and put together only the best day trips from Rome to some of Italy’s most visited and popular destinations. On our list, you’ll find amazing full-day tours that will make you fall in love with Italy’s natural and cultural riches.

Day Trips From Rome Overview

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rome to venice day trip

Day Trip From Rome to Venice

Venice is a city with endless gorgeous views, beautiful buildings, and canals that radiates romance. Suppose you have time, we highly recommend visiting Venice while you’re staying in Rome. And luckily, there are great organized day trips. You can arrive in Venice from Rome in just 3.5 hours by high-speed train.

You will have a fantastic tour leader that will accompany you during the whole day trip to Venice, telling you all about the city’s highlights and hidden gems. Your tour leader will tell you about Venice’s highlights and give you your ticket for Venice’s waterbus transportation. Upon arriving in Venice, you’ll board the city’s typical public transportation – the waterbus.

Seeing the magical city of Venice and its breathtaking views for the first time will be a fantastic day trip experience. Visit Piazza San Marco and see St. Mark’s Basilica’s western facade from the waterfront.

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Venice Day Trip From Rome by High-Speed Train Highlights

  • Enjoy a scenic drive from Rome to Venice on a fast train
  • Get insight from your fantastic tour leader and enjoy exploring the Floating City of Venice

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day trip fro rome to Florence

Day Trip From Rome to Florence & Pisa

Florence is known for being the cradle of the Renaissance and one of the most beautiful cities in the Italian region of Tuscany. And while in Florence, visit Pisa and see one of the most famous Italian monuments – The Leaning Towe of Pisa. 

Depart for Florence at noon from Rome, and enjoy a picturesque drive while passing the Chinati vineyards and valley of the Tiber River on your way to Pisa. Once you arrive in Florence, you’ll go on a guided walking tour of the city with a local and professional tour guide. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Michelangelo’s famous statue of David, can be found in the “Accademia” museum.

Visit Santa Maria del Fiore to view Brunelleschi’s beautiful dome, the Baptistery, and Giotto’s Bell Tower. 

Your full-day trip to Florence and Pisa ends with a spectacular view from “Piazzale Michelangelo.” Soak in the stunning view of the Tuscan capital, including the Arno River, “Ponte Vecchio,” and the “Duomo.” 

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Florence & Pisa Full-Day Small-Group Tour From Rome

  • Join a small-group tour of 6 participants and enjoy your visit to the most beautiful cities in Tuscany.
  • A professional tour assistant will accompany you during the day trip.
  • Enjoy a full-day trip to Florence and Pisa!

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day trip fro rome to tivoli

Day Trip From Rome to Tivoli

Visit Tivoli and explore Villa D’Este and Hadrian’s Villa on a beautiful day trip from Rome. These two villas are the most immersive in Italy. In the 2nd century, Emperor Hadrian built Hadrian’s Villa, which once surpassed Imperial Rome’s center in importance. 

During its construction, this villa was the largest and most luxurious residence ever built in Italy. Hadrian’s Villa features an outstanding array of imperial palaces, theaters, temples, thermal pools, and baths. 

You will explore the gardens of the Villa D’Este after lunch and learn about its history and development. The villa was once the home of Lucrezia Borgia’s son, it is renowned for its spectacular gardens, trees, waterfalls, and fountains. 

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Villa D’Este and Hadrian’s Villa Tivoli Day Tour From Rome

  • Visit 2 of the most impressive Renaissance villas located only 1 hour away from Rome
  • Admire the beauty of the gardens of Villa d’Este
  • Explore Hadrian’s Villa, which the ancient Romans considered even more important than imperial Rome itself

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rome to capri trip

Day Trip From Rome to Capri

If you love the sea, the sun, nature, and the Mediterranean lifestyle, you must visit one of Italy’s and the world’s most beautiful islands – Capri. This beautiful island will delight you with its artisan shops, colors, and luxury boutiques. 

Spend an unforgettable day in Capri’s splendid environment by booking a full-day trip from Rome. From Rome city, you will travel south to Naples. 

Then you will board a jet boat for a 45-minute ride to the port of Capri. During this day tour, you’ll also visit the Blue Grotto. Marvel at the cave and its fascinating colored undertone. Learn about one of the most famous islands in the Movies, the setting for famous and unforgettable movies. After having a tasty, take the ferry ride back to Naples, and begin your 3-hour coach journey back to Rome.

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Capri One Day Trip From Rome Highlights

  • Enjoy a ferry ride to Capri
  • See the captivatingly beautiful Blue Grotto.
  • Visit the beautiful Capri island and enjoy a delicious lunch.

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gyg Tuscany

Day Trip From Rome to Tuscany

The Tuscany region of Italy is unique and an excellent destination for a day trip. Tuscany has it all – breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, medieval historic towns, artistic legacy, fantastic food, and incredible weather. The region is also regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and the foundations of the Italian language.

We found a fantastic day trip to Tuscany from Rome that will allow you to explore this picturesque part of Italy.

On a guided tour of Tuscany, you can escape the eternal bustle of Rome and escape to the Italian countryside. Enjoy the views of the postcard-perfect rolling hills and the world-famous scenery of this stunning region. At the same time, your knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide will provide you with insightful commentary on the cultural and historical details of the Tuscany region.

A delicious lunch and wine at a Tuscan winery are included in the day trip, so you’ll be able to taste some local specialties. Experience the medieval town of Montepulciano, see the St. Biagio Church, and enjoy the pastoral views before returning to Rome.

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Tuscany Day Trip From Rome Highlights

  • Get a taste of Tuscany’s natural beauty and serene charm on a guided road trip from Rome.
  • Enjoy a delicious and mouthwatering Italian lunch with wine at a local Tuscan winery.
  • Learn about the local history as your tour guide leads you from one spectacular locale to the next.

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amalfi coast

Day Trip From Rome to Amalfi Coast

still offers immense idyllic beauty that it’s definitely worth visiting. Driving down the coast, winding seaside roads will take you to scenic beaches, charming small towns, and picturesque coastal villages.

A day trip to Amalfi Coast from Rome is definitely worth it, especially if you’re staying in the Eternal City for a longer time and want to discover the beauty of the rest of Italy.

Book a guided day trip and enjoy the beautiful and dramatic setting of the Amalfi Coast between the sea and the hills. Travel with a comfortable air-conditioned bus from Rome and enjoy a scenic drive. The first stop of your Amalfi Coast Day trip will be the ancient city of Pompeii. 

Continue your day trip tour and hear about local history and culture as you navigate one of Italy’s most beautiful drives. Your next stop is Positano, where legendary authors like Shelley, Goethe, and Steinbeck have gathered inspiration. End the tour with plenty of free time to shop, eat tasty food and explore the Amalfi Coast on your own. 

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From Rome: Amalfi Coast Group Day Trip Highlights

  • Visit Pompeii and learn more about this historic site from an archeologist guide.
  • Enjoy a scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast and visit the town of Positano.

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amalfi coast


Where can you drive to from Rome?

Some amazing locations that are only a drive away from Rome are Ostia Antica, Florence, Pompeii, Naples, Arezzo, Castel Gandolfo, Alban Hills, and Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli. Whichever location you decide to visit you will not go wrong!

Can I do a day trip to Amalfi Coast from Rome?

Yes! A day trip to Amalfi Coast from Rome is totally doable. If you have a car you can go on your own and explore the picturesque coast, but we would definitely recommend going with an organized tour to avoid all the hassle of trying to organize a day trip on your own.

Is Naples worth a day trip from Rome?

Naples is 100% worth a day trip from Rome. Not only is the city the home of pizza, but you can also explore its historic center and visit Pompeii while you’re there.

Why You Should Go On A Day Trip From Rome

Going on a day trip from the city your staying in is a great opportunity to further explore the culture and some of the hidden gems of the country you’re visiting. Italy is so culturally rich, that it would be a shame to limit yourself to only one city if you have time for a day trip to many of the fascinating and beautiful locations near the Eternal City.