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Best Rome Food Tour 2024

An amazing way to discover Rome and get insight into its rich culture is by going on a Rome Food Tour. This Food Tour in Rome allows you to combine a guided walking tour of the Eternal City with one of the best things to do in Italy – tasting delicious local foods. 

You can pick between a small group or a private tour and try authentic Roman delicacies, such as pizza, supplì, and creamy gelato.

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Everything You Need To Know Before Booking A Street Food Tour In Rome

Food culture is a big part of Italian identity, and it’s a given that when you visit Rome, you will want to try the Best Roman Food. A great way to taste some of the best Rome street food is by going on a tour with a local guide, where you’ll try authentic food and drinks.

We have found the best food tour in Rome!

If you want the ultimate food experience of Rome, we highly recommend booking this fantastic Street Food & Sightseeing tour of Rome.

What is included in the Rome Street Food Tour?

This tour includes samples of authentic Roman dishes as well as wine and beer tasters in some of the establishments you’ll visit. Visits to the Jewish Ghetto and Largo di Torre Argentina accompanied by a fantastic local guide, are also included in this wonderful tour. There are vegetarian and gluten-free options available with prior notice, although we wouldn’t recommend this tour if you are a celiac, vegan, or have severe food allergies.

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Rome Food Tour Description

Try out authentic Italian dishes as you immerse yourself in Rome’s local culture during this fantastic walking tour. After you meet up with your guide in Piazza del Biscione, your first stop on this delicious tour will be a local charcuterie, where you will have some typical Italian cured meats and do a bit of wine tasting.

The next item on this tour’s menu is one of the most famous Roman street foods – Supplì. It’s a delicious deep-fried rice ball filled with mozzarella. Learn all about the origins of this tasty dish from your guide and how they got their name.

After supplì, you’ll move on to classic Roman pizza Menabrea beer at Roscioli. The grandchildren of the founder currently run this establishment.

Continue your tour and head to Rome’s old Jewish Quarter. There you’ll taste the staples of traditional Roman cuisine – zucchini flower fritters or deep-fried artichokes (carciofi alla giudìa), depending on what’s in season.

The last stop on your delicious Roman food tour is Punto Gelato, located near Largo di Torre Argentina where you’ll taste delicious artisanal gelato. Discover the unique northern Italian flavors at a gelateria ranked among the best gelato in Rome by Gambero Rosso.

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Tour Meeting Point

Hotel pick-up and transfer to the meeting point are not included in the tour. You’ll meet your lovely tour guide in the middle of Piazza del Biscione by the streetlight. But do keep in mind that the meeting point may vary depending on the option you book.

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Food Tour Rome Highlights

Food And Wine Tour In Rome With A Local Guide

Try local Roman delicacies such as pizza, supplì, cured meats, and gelato. You can wash down some local delicacies with a fine wine or refreshing beer.

Have A Unique Experience Of Visiting Italy’s Capital

Explore Rome’s street food scene on a beautiful walking tour through the Eternal City.

Explore Rome With A Professional Guide

Pick between a private or a small-group guided tour and discover some of Rome’s best family-run haunts with the help of your expert local guide.

Book this incredible Italian Food Tour and taste some of the most delicious food Italy has to offer!

Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

Experience the local culture of Rome as you sample authentic delicacies on a walking food tour. Try signature Roman foods such as supplì, pizza, artisanal gelato, and typical seasonal dishes from Rome’s Jewish Quarter.

Book your Rome Street Food Tour right away!

  • Walking tour of Trastevere (If option selected)
  • Walking tour of the Jewish Quarter (if option selected)
  • Expert tour guide
  • 5 street food tastings
  • A glass of beer and wine
  • Vegetarian options
An experience you don’t want to miss!
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FAQ – Food Tour Rome

Should I do a food tour in Rome?

Absolutely, going on a Roman Food Tour is an amazing way to explore Rome and its gastronomy scene. Plus, you will be accompanied by a local guide who will take you on a walking tour of Roman neighborhoods.

What is the most famous food in Rome?

Rome is famous for many dishes, but some of the most famous are deep-fried artichokes and, of course, pizza al taglio.  Some of Rome’s most famous pasta dishes are Roman Carbonara, Amatriciana, and Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe. And one of the most well-known Roman street foods is Supli – a delicious deep-fried mozzarella and rice ball.

Why should you Book a Food Tour of Rome?

Food and culture tours in Rome are one of the best ways to discover the hidden gems around the city. A guided food tour of Rome will give you an incredible insight into the history of some of the most famous Roman dishes. Going on this type of tour is an amazing way to learn more about the city you’re visiting through its local cuisine.

Get The Most Out of Your Rome Visit by going on the ultimate food tour experience in Rome!

Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

Experience the local culture of Rome as you sample authentic delicacies on a walking food tour. Try signature Roman foods such as supplì, pizza, artisanal gelato, and typical seasonal dishes from Rome’s Jewish Quarter.

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“This was such an amazing tour experience. We got to taste all the signature Roman dishes and our guide was lovely”
  • Linda
“Great value! The tour is super affordable for the experience you get. We had some amazing food and our guide showed us around the city. It was great!”
  • Jake
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Fabulous food tour!

This was a great walking tour to learn some history of Trastevere while sampling the local cuisine. We made 5 stops along the way which include wine and beer at two of the places. The food was delicious and was quite filling as the night went on. Our guide was very knowledgeable and pointed out some interesting buildings that i wouldn’t have taken a second glance at if not on the tour.


Discover More of Rome’s Colorful Gastronomy Scene

If you want to continue to explore the food scene in Rome after the tour we recommend you visit Campo de Fiori, Piazza Navona, and Travestere. There you can find some amazing trattorias and food markets that will allow you to discover even more delicious Roman foods. There are even cooking classes you can book to get to know the Italian cuisine from up close. One thing is certain, you will not leave Rome hungry!

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